Flamenco-Show-Sotogrande-Trio-Jerez-by©Agnes Des Bois-2019-06-29_vert3
Nijat Mammadbayli by ©AgnèsDesBois. Málaga August 2021, Spain.

Black & White Portraits

Black and white photography is my favorite one. It is a-temporary, out of time, out of nowhere.

Color Photography

Love colors and creating palettes. Playing with clothes, skin color and scenery is a wonderful experience!

©AgnesDesBois 2018 - La Quinta Tango Club Sotogrande - REA Danza

Art & Music Events

Whether it’s a music concert, a tango show, or a dancing class.. or any other sort of artistic event, I’m on it!


I’m fond of dogs as much as I enjoy people.. So if you wish book Firulais a session, just get in touch!

Agnès Des Bois, your photographer in Málaga.

Halou! Meet Agnès, your photographer in málaga. My photographs are made subjectively, taken with affinity towards who is being photographed. For me, taking photos is just an excuse. It’s the subject behind the photograph that i find fascinating.

Beware! This website was thought, created and published in Spanglish. Excuse errors, invented words and on-purpose-mistakes. After all, it’s allbout make-believe! 🖤

© Agnès De Bois 2022

Client Reviews

👉 Don’t hesitate to ask about our work… We are hear to help! ☺️