Thangam Juarez Malaga España 2022 by © Agnès Des Bois at Muelle Uno
Herr Pedro Jesús Sánchez Martínez - by ©Agnès Des Bois 2022

Agnès Des Bois, your photographer in Málaga.

Halou! Meet Agnès, your photographer in málaga. My photographs are made subjectively, taken with affinity towards who is being photographed. For me, taking photos is just an excuse. It’s the subject behind the photograph that i find fascinating.

Beware! This website was thought, created and published in Spanglish. Excuse errors, invented words and on-purpose-mistakes. After all, it’s allbout make-believe! 🖤

Agnes Des Bois Photography in Sofar Malaga Spain 2022 © Emilio Lenonfilms

Kind Words

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